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Most e-commerce businesses are able to achieve some results with their stores.. But the hard part is when they get stuck at scaling the business. You may have been running your ads alone, with moderate success.. You may have hired an agency and they haven't produced the results you were looking for. Are agencies ripping you off and leaving your business at a loss?

If so.. This is where Elite Merchandisers steps in. We take businesses that are struggling to take their business to the next level and get high returns on ad spend as high as 4.0x-7.0x. You're actually LOSING money by not hiring us.

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If you want to DOUBLE YOUR RETURNS and take your returns from 2.0x to --->>> 4.0x in as little as 4 weeks...

Our system works for many e-commerce businesses. The reason why is because we maximize the utility of the Facebook Pixel on your website so that         

YOUR DOLLARS ARE ALLOCATED TOWARDS INTERESTED CUSTOMERS. With our system we create a massive pool of warm traffic and generate ADS that get as high as 10.83 ROAS like in this photo:


The best part is that we do our best to actually REDUCE your Facebook Ad spend. With our own business, Facebook ads revenue only consist of 16% of our total revenue, meaning that most of our customers are return customers, or obtained knowledge about us for FREE. We will skyrocket your brand to become a household name so that customers know your business as the best company in your space. They won't even hesitate to purchase because we'll consult you on how to get your review ratings to at least 4.5 stars. Here's a photo of our website trust rating from hundreds of satisfied buyers:


You need massive credibility to hit $275 Average Order Value

Get on a free call today, so we can use our e-com expertise for your business. We can build such massive credibility that $5,000 sales start to look normal!

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